Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Singapore - Maternal and perinatal morbidity after Caesarean delivery at full cervical dilatation

Radha P, Shephali T, Muhammad Fairuz AR, Tee CS
Correspondence: Dr Pandian Radha, radhahk@gmail.com


Introduction This study aimed to assess maternal and perinatal outcomes following second stage Caesarean sections.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted in a Singapore-based tertiary referral centre from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009. The medical records of all the women who underwent emergency Caesarean sections in the second stage of labour were reviewed.

Results: Out of 2,501 emergency Caesarean sections performed, 116 were Caesarean sections in the second stage of labour. Women with non-vertex, twins and preterm deliveries were excluded, and 110 (4.4%, 110/2,501) Caesarean sections were recruited. The majority of the Caesarean sections were determined and performed by registrars or consultants. With regard to maternal outcome, 2.7% (3/110) of patients had primary postpartum haemorrhage and 4.5% (5/110) of patients had vertical or lateral lower uterine segment tears. As for neonatal outcome, although the Apgar scores of newborns were low at birth for 8.2% (9/110) of patients, the Apgar score was > 4 at 5 minutes for all patients.

Conclusion: Overall, there was no statistically significant adverse maternal or perinatal outcome.

Keywords:  Caesarean section, maternal morbidity, perinatal morbidity

Singapore Med J 2012; 53(10): 655–658

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