Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Toddy Huat Kueh

Toddy Huat Kueh


-       600g grated coconut
-       300g rice flour
-       20g green bean flour (lek tau hoon)
-       225ml fresh coconut juice
-       375g castor sugar
-       225ml toddy
-       A few drops pink colouring


-       Squeeze out thick coconut milk from the grated coconut without adding water.
-       Set the milk aside.
-       Combine rice and green bean flour in a mixing bowl.
-       Add fresh coconut juice gradually and mix into a smooth batter.
-       Set aside the batter to leaven for 30 minutes.
-       Add sugar and toddy to the rice flour batter.
-       Put aside, covered with a damp tea towel for 3½–4 hours to leaven again.
-       Add thick coconut milk to the leavened batter and set aside for another two hours.
-       Add colouring to the batter and stir well to mix.
-       Pour the batter into a tray. Steam over rapidly boiling water for 15–20 minutes.
-       Remove and leave aside to cool before cutting.

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  1. Hi Christian,
    Could you please share with me where to get toddy in Singapore? I want to try my mum toddy huat Kueh recipe? Thanks