Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singapore - Sayor Loday

Sayor Loday

Mixture of vegetables in a spicy coconut soup eaten in a meal of Malay lontong (pressed rice). Another spicy meat dish and rice are all you need to complete the meal.


-       300 grammes (10 oz) jicama
-       300 grammes (10 oz) long beans
-       240 grammes (8 oz) French beans
-       300 grammes (10 oz) cabbage
-       4 hard bean curd cakes
-       180 grammes (6 oz) small prawns, peeled
-       60 grammes (One-and-a-half oz) galangal, peeled and smashed
-       One lemon grass, cleaned and smashed
-       One cup dried prawns, washed, soaked and pounded or ground
-       20 shallots, peeled
-       2 tsp shrimp paste (belacan) (soy sauce for Vegies)
-       One-and-a-half to two coconuts, grated or one-and-a-half cups processed coconut milk
-       6 cups water
-       2 tsp salt
-       One tsp sugar
-       6-10 dried chillies
-       One cup vegetable oil


-       Cut cabbage into bite-sized pieces.
-       String French beans and cut into finger lengths diagonally.
-       Cut long beans into finger lengths.
-       Peel jicama and shred into finger lengths.
-       Soak dried chillies till soft for half hour in warm water.
-       Pound till fine.
-       Cut each bean curd diagonally.
-       Place wok over high heat and when smoking, add oil.
-       When hot, deep fry the bean curd cakes till golden.
-       Drain.
-       Remove all but 6 Tbs oil and stir fry the pounded chillies till fragrant. Keep aside.
-       Mix coconut with half cup water and squeeze for thick milk.
-       Set aside. Mix with remaining water and squeeze fot thin milk. Or mix half cup processed coconut milk with water.
-       Pound or grind shallots and shrimp paste coarsely.
-       Place thin coconut milk in a suacepan and turn on high heat.
-       Add shallot mixture, dried prawns, galangal and lemon grass.
-       When boiling, add jicama, long beans, French beans, cabbage and prawns.
-       When boiling again, add bean curd and seasoning.
-       Add thick coconut milk and chillies and oil mixture. Boil 10 minutes and serve.

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