Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Onde Onde

Onde Onde


-       1 cylindrical piece of Gula Melaka
-       1/2 grated fresh coconut (desiccated will do, too)
-       pinch of salt
-       180g sweet potatoes
-       240g glutinous rice flour
-       1 TBSP pandan juice (by pounding 4 leaves)
-       *Optional*: a few drops of green pandan colouring
-       165ml water (more, if needed)


-       Cut Gula Melaka into small pieces, or grate (it will melt easier).
-       Mix grated coconut with pinch of salt and steam for 5 minutes.
-       Put aside.
-       Steam the sweet potatoes until soft. While *hot*, peel and mash with a wooden spoon in a large bowl.
-       Add glutinous rice flour, pandan juice, (colouring), and pinch of salt. Knead together.
-       Add water a little at a time, kneading well until the dough is smooth.
-       Divide dough into equal portions of about 1tsp each.
-       Roll each into a ball. Flatten each ball lightly, and put a bit of Gula Melaka inside.
-       Close up the edges and shape into a ball.
-       Drop a few balls at a time into boiling water.
-       When they float, lift out and roll in the grated coconut.

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