Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Kaya - Coconut Egg Jam

Kaya - Coconut Egg Jam


-       coconut milk from 2 coconuts (Ayam brand works well)
-       400 g sugar
-       10 eggs


The coconut mlk must be pure and undiluted. If you get the canned or tetrapak stuff from the supermarket (Ayam Brand for canned or Kara for the pak) make sure you filter the milk. I usually find lots of coconut bits in these supermarket packaged ones. Best to filter it through a fine colander or a fine mesh sieve. If you have bought the shredded coconut bits and have to squeeze the milk out, there is a good way to do this. Fill those big coffee bags that are used by the kopi-tiams with the shredded coconut. Squeeze it with all your might and make sure you squeeze it till it is dry. DO NOT DILUTE! and do not waste a single drop. Torture the bag like you are killing someone you hate :)

Now that the coconut milk part is over, it is time to make the kaya. Using an electric beater, beat the eggs at medium speed slightly. Just enough the break the yolks.

-       Add all the sugar and beat at full speed.
-       Mix thoroughly.
-       Stop the beating, add the coconut milk and beat full speed to mix thoroughly.
-       When the sugar has finally dissolved.
-       Pour to a clean steel pot and cook it over a slow fire with CONSTANT STIRRING!
-       Whatever it is there is no shortcut. If you have to stand there stirring for an hour, you have to. Do not use ceramic pots as they will hold the heat for too long and may give rise to burns.
-       The kaya will change color from the eggy-white (from the eggs and coconut milk) to a redish-brown like gravy. This is due to the caramels forming from the sugar. It will also thicken.
-       Keep stirring the bottom to prevent the bottom from burning. Burns spoil the kaya taste. If possible, lower the flame even more.
-       Once when the eggy-white color is completely replaced by the redish-brown color, stop and leave aside to cool. At this time, you have to protect the kaya from naughty children coming in to lick it with a spoon.
-       After it has cooled, you can bottle it in jars and refrigerate.
-       This stuff can last for 3 days in room temperature, that is before the ants get to it.


I had better success using freshly squeezed coconut milk than the canned or packed ones.

Do not adulterate this recipe by adding additional flavorings. It just spoils it. Pandan leaves don't cut well with it and same with vanilla essence. It has to be enjoyed as is.

How to eat it? Only on bread. This is not exactly a health food. It has lots of cholesterol and calories. I suggest eliminating eggs if you plan to eat it for breakfast. If you want a cholesterol fest, try spreading it on hot french toast that is fried in butter. 

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