Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Durian Green Bean Dessert

Durian Green Bean Dessert


-       300g Green Bean (boil in 2 rice bowl of water)
-       300g Gula Melaka (boil in 1/2 rice bowl of water. Put through a sieve)
-       coconut milk from 1 coconut or from 1 packet
-       1 Durian (separate flesh from seed and put durian flesh into a food processor blend till smooth)


-       Boil green bean in water till cooked.
-       Add in gula melaka.
-       Simmer for 5 mins. (Add in more sugar if you like it sweeter)

To Serve:
-       Dish green Bean dessert into bowl.
-       Add 2 tbsp coconut milk.
-       Add in 1 tbsp blended durian.

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