Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Chwee Kueh/Kway

Chwee Kueh/Kway


-       1 cup rice flour
-       2 1/4 cups water
-       1 heaped tbs corn flour
-       3 tps oil
-       170g Lard [I didn't use lard]
-       half tsp salt
-       2 tsp sesame seeds
-       2 cloves garlic
-       200g chopped, preserved, salted radish
-       Pepper
-       dark soy sauce
-       1 tsp sugar


To cook rice cake * Mix two types of flour with water
-       Add salt and 1 tsp of oil, beat well
-       Stir mixture over low heat till it thickens, keep stiring to prevent lumps
-       Arrange steel moulds in a bamboo steamer over boiling water and steam empty moulds for 5 mins
-       Pour mixture into moulds and steam for 10-15 mins or till well cooked
-       Remove from bamboo steamer and leave to cool for 10mins before serving.

Note: test the constituency of the rice cake mixture first by steaming 1-2 moulds. If rice cake is too hard, add more water to mixture. If rice cake is too soft, add more rice flour.

To cook the radish
-       Toast the sesame seeds till golden brown
-       Dice the lard, wash and drain
-       Fry lard, garlic and remaining oil in a saucepan until brown
-       Discard garlic and lard
-       Add radish to remaining oil, cook over low heat for 30mins, stirring occasionally to prevent burning
-       Add sesame seeds, stir well. Add pepper, soy sauce to taste

To serve
-       Remove rice cakes from moulds after 10 mins of cooling
-       Place a spoonful of cooked radish onto each rice cake
-       Serve with chilli sauce.

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