Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore - Bobochacha


Why that name, I've no idea. Would someone care to tell me? When choosing fresh yam, the lighter in weight the better. Sweet potatoes come in many varieties and colours, a mixture will make your bobochacha look even more tropical.

Cooking time - approx. 30 minutes


-       300g yam (taro as it's known in California) - remove skin and cubed
-       300g sweet potatoes (sometimes known as yam in California) - remove skin and cubed
-       coconut milk - from one coconut.
-       Pandan (screwpine leaves) - a few leaves crushed and tie into a knot.
-       Sugar.
-       Salt.


-       Cover yam and sweet potatoes with just enough water and bring to a boil, add pandan, reduce heat and cook till yam is soft. add sugar and a pinch of salt.
-       When sugar is dissolved, add and stir in coconut milk, remove from heat.
-       Do not boil the milk.
-       Served hot or cold from the fridge. (adjust thickness by adding water or coconut milk)

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