Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hokkien Peanut pancake (Ban Jian Kway)

Hokkien Peanut pancake 
(Ban Jian Kway)

This is a economical breakfast favourite seldom made at home these days. I have friends who ate this so often that they grew tired of it!


-       225g self raising flour
-       1 egg
-       some sugar
-       pinch of salt
-       2 tablespoon butter
-       350ml water(I like it with milk, i'm sure the hawker didn't use it)
-       Filling:
-       freshly ground roasted peanuts without skin. (just roast the peanuts in a wok, stir constantly without oil) sugar
-       sesame (optional) - wash and dry roast sesame in wok till fragrant, lightly crushed to release the fragrance.


-       Beat egg, add butter, sugar, salt and water/milk.
-       Add flour and mix to form a smooth batter.
-       Leave for several hours.
-       Heat non stick pan, oiled lightly with butter if necessary, pour batter onto the pan, cover and cook till done(a nice brown underneath) on slow/medium heat.
-       Remove from pan, throw some peanut/sesame and sugar over, fold into half, cut and serve immediately.

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